Items in this gallery will vary as they move and as I add more. Keep checking back!!

Items from The Land of Nod are the only products of mine that are actually toys intended for children.
If you want toys for kids, click the images below. More of my lines will feature with this retailer later this year.


Email me to get the ball rolling.

My minimum price for a handmade, custom job is $100 USD for labor and design (not materials). Consider what you want to spend on your order. We’ll come to some agreements.

Look through my galleries and see if there’s a style you like. Otherwise we’ll work something out.

Decide if I’m going to alter a keepsake fabric item of your own or if I’ll buy new fabric for your job.

Consider how quickly you need the order.

Pick any two: Good. Fast. Cheap.

I can do about 2 custom jobs a month considering my counseling schedule.

That’s the gist!!