larry's look

My Larry's Look Feature

Hi, everyone. I had a very nice time filming my feature with local NBC personality Larry Sprinkle two Fridays ago. He and his crew are exceptionally professional, kind and welcoming. The filming took pretty much exactly the amount of time the feature plays. I think Larry needed a single retake of his intro line about me, but the conversation he and I had throughout the feature was the first and only shot. It was super easy to set up, and I was in and out and off to the counseling job before I knew it.
Since the feature aired on Friday (2/22), I’ve had numerous sales and inquiries, and an invitation to staff two charity craft shows in the region. I’m grateful for the opportunity and hope to live up to the honor of such a feature. I’m pretty impressed by Larry Sprinkle’s work history. He’s done everything from acting to voice acting to weather to hosting. I’m impressed by such a life of hard work and under-sung talent. I’ve got to remember to send thank-you cards for the experience. Make sure you visit his fan page and show your support!