Thoughts while fatigue sets in

See the first two pairs of arms for the next run of Zombabies?! Cute, huh?

Why am I even here at this hour on a Saturday? I’ve just been to a friend’s house to celebrate her approaching move to Alaska. Then I went to the grocery store, thinking I was hungry for something, and wound up buying a 4 piece sampler of mass-market chocolates, a bag of gummy orange slice candies, an energy drink (which I haven’t had yet) and an Ultimate Spider-Man comic book. I don’t even follow that title. What a strange day.

So. Another train is passing. They use their horns less at night, and I’m not sure how great a thing that is. They kind of need to announce their presence more when it’s darker outside.. I mean, all the deaf hobos would get squashed in the dark of night whether or not a train was blasting its horn. Not sure what I’m thinking there.. I’m getting a bit bleary as the seconds wend on. I thought I’d come back from the party and be awake enough to continue working a little and keep my personal creature quotas met. ..

But I sat down and started eating things instead.

I’m seriously gonna go. I’m disastrously tired..

Good night!