Target ad smears handcrafters and praises sweatshops.

What the eff is up with this twisted commercial?

The kid asks his mom if Santa shops at Target. The mom says no, and tells her kid that “Santa makes his own things.” What the blazes is so bad about that? Many people make their own things. They’re called artists, craftspeople, smiths or something along those lines.

Then the bedraggled, suburban harpy mother goes on to say “With elves.” At that point the commercial switches to a bunch of old men dressed in green, doing a rotten job at hand making various toys. The kid becomes disenchanted with the notion, and pines for the mass marketed toys on the Target shelves.

Little does the yuppy larva know that all those toys for which he salivates were made by sweatshop workers overseas, and are probably drenched in lead and other toxins.

Hey Target: You suck. You suck big time. Your commercial is tasteless and utterly in discord with many Americans’ desire to leave big box commerce behind and return industry to American workers and individuals. Your implication that handmade works are somehow better than mass marketed trash (which is largely handmade as well, sadly, considering the conditions) is insulting and counterintuitive to the way the world needs to think about what we consume and how it’s made. This commercial is very Walmart, I hope you know. You’ve really sunk, Target. I’m glad the holidays are temporary. Maybe if you never run bullshxt like this again we’ll forgive and forget. I’ll be writing to your corporate offices now.

Target commercial: Made By Elves from provato on Vimeo.