It was a rough week

I still like my job. It’s a tough one but it’s a good one. Regardless of how long I stay with my camp job I know I’m in the right place for now. It’s hard trying to stay somewhat involved in the art side of my life while devoting so much of it to kids who probably won’t appreciate me until they’re my age or older. But I still don’t want to quit camp.

I like to draw while I’m there. I make portraits of my kids in blue ballpoint pen. It’s loads of fun. One of ‘em sits still, several others crowd around. Each kid wants to sit for me, but I haven’t had time to draw them all before this homesday weekend. Most of them wanted a portrait they could take home to their parents.

Right now I’m messing around with my spreadshirt account. I’ve enjoyed putting all my various camp drawings onto T-shirts for people to buy. It keeps me busy. I really should take a nap now. My step mom got home from work not too long ago, and my little brother Joey was just on the phone. I got to say hello to him and wish him well on his interview for a newspaper internship. I might have some food with my step mom before going upstairs to zone out to my hulu queue.

It makes me sad that camp keeps me from many important dates with family and friends. I’m sure it’s the same with any and every job; you gotta put your time in before trying to swap schedules with someone. I’ve got a friend getting married this coming week, I missed my grandma’s funeral, I missed my brother’s birthday. C’est la vie, after all. The kids at camp need their chiefs.

So I’m done blogging now. Gonna hang with my step mom and catch up. Enjoy my little robots and see them on shirts on the merch page. Thanks everyone for checking in with me.