The New Box Set is Ready!!

Hi, Everybody!! The new box set for Stupid Sock Creatures is READY TO MEET THE WORLD! My editor, Terry, sent me this photo. Make Your Own Stupid Sock Creatures is available but not yet in stores. Go to your favorite bookstore and do the emergency bathroom dance and ask, beg and plead for this awesome new box set to be stocked!! Generate some buzz. Make the book store people want to set up massive kiosks and intimidating displays.

The book within is a slimmed-down version of my original book, and it contains instructions for Zarzak, the Silent Terror, a new creature you can make out of the provided toe socks within. This box set is perfect for sock creature veterans who need something new to wet their whistle, and great as well for newcomers.

I must give mega big-ups to Terry (pictured) for pioneering this revamp of the original box set after production of the old one got really pricey all of a sudden. Spread the word everyone. I can’t wait to see new pics of new creatures from new fans, current and veteran.


Photo 47